Working as a Store Manager

Leaders of the Superdry retail world, which is why we refer to them as Store Leaders. Okay, so it might sound a bit over the top but it’s how we see you: as a customer champion, an inspirational people manager, a retail expert. That’s why you’re perfectly suited to leading a Superdry store, encouraging and supporting an enthusiastic team to deliver brilliant results and legendary customer experiences. 

You get the business of retail. You know that it’s more than just selling; it’s People, Visual Merchandising, the logistics, the works. And for you, that’s what makes being a Store Manager so exciting and so rewarding. As well as your own store team, you’ll talk to Superdry departments in Head Office to help improve and refine working processes. And to share your ideas too. That’s super-important. You’re on the retail frontline, leading our brand. You’ll know what our customers want from us. So we want to hear it. 

Join us as a Store Manager and get ready for responsibility and recognition. Get ready to own and drive your professional development and progression. Get ready to put that entrepreneurial spirit of yours into play, as you drive brand growth, sales and profitability. These are exciting times for Superdry.