Working in Sourcing, Purchasing & Sustainability

Together, we’re the engine room of the global Superdry business, linking design, quality and technical, merchandising, logistics and finance with all suppliers of all our clothing, footwear and accessories. We do things the right way too – ethically and sustainably. 

We manage our entire global supply base which, as you can imagine, is large and complex. We ensure that products make it from conception through order placing to final delivery as quickly and efficiently as possible - while maintaining our exceptionally high quality standards.

The size and scale of our supply base brings rewards as well as challenges. Experiencing different cultures, seeing different ways of working - they both help us to learn and do what we do even better. And the variety is something else. We’re involved in all kinds of new and exciting work. Like environmental projects that promote our sustainability credentials across our organic, vegan and recycled collections. 

Be it price or delivery, our Sourcing team are always negotiating hard, but fair, as it’s our job to source, place and manage all our supplier orders. And we have to deliver the intake margin, on time, in full, deliveries to our stores and wholesale customers all over the world. 

We approach projects as ‘squads’ bringing people together from different areas of the business to develop new processes and further enhance the way we work, including design, technology, merchandising, logistics and wholesale.

We aim to be the most sustainable global listed fashion brand by 2030. Pretty definitive, right? Working across three key pillars - Product, People and Planet - we’re always challenging ourselves to deliver sustainability with impact and at scale across our global operations. 

But we don’t operate in isolation. Collaboration is everything. We work with our designers, range strategists, quality and product developers to introduce sustainable materials and processes into our products. And we’ve come a long way already: from zero to 22% organic cotton in just two years. We also work with logistics, procurement and property to deliver sustainable efficiencies through our operational footprint – moving our brand to Net Zero carbon emissions by 2030, and moving our packaging to more sustainable alternatives by 2025. 

There’s so much we’re doing, it’s impossible to list it all here. But we’re on it, all over our business and you can find out a little more on our approach, on our Sustainability page. 

So if you’re ready to really drive excellence in sourcing, production and sustainability across a global brand, we want you here.