Working in Quality & Technical

We help concepts fly and make design visions come alive. As the guardians of Quality, Sizing, Fit, Technical Standards and Compliance, we’re the bridge between the initial prototype and the delivered production. 

That space between What If? and Gotta-Have is a really exciting place to be. From innovative print techniques to shaping our suppliers to leading-edge recyclable and sustainable materials, we’re involved in some genuinely ground-breaking projects. 

Because we love to learn, we’re passionate about passing on what we know. We use new-found knowledge and discoveries to make each other and our products better. So, we’ll encourage you to stretch yourself. To strengthen the skills you have and move away from your comfort zone to gain new ones. You bring the ambition and drive, and we’ll push you as far as you want to go. 

You make us what we are. So it’s no wonder we place so much emphasis on your continued professional development. We all have to keep learning, keep pushing ourselves to be better. That’s why we’ll give you every opportunity to work with senior colleagues from across the business to enable you to explore your ambition and unlock your real potential.