Performance Marketing

What we do speaks for itself. Across digital channels such as Paid Social, Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing, we make sure every campaign we put out attracts and keeps our Superdry customers. We’re all about impact.

It’s a big job, driving revenue globally. We have to move with the market. But we don’t just manage it – we smash it for 21 of our websites and the third-party sites our products feature on, no less. Thankfully the team keeps on growing, and with constant investment into our digital trading space, plus a shift to AI automation using the latest tech, there’s never been a better time to come on board. 

So, what could you be doing here? Working for one of six teams: SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Customer Retention, PPC and Paid Social. Together, the department is key for Digital Customer Retention and Acquisition, so whatever you do, your passion needs to be obvious. Going above and beyond, that’s your default way of working. We strive for the best and believe in team efforts. Come to work with your ideas, and we’ll listen. We’ll act on a lot of them too because if you help the business realise its ambitions, we’ll help you realise yours.