Working in eCommerce

Commerce. Customers. Two very important Cs. Without our customers, we wouldn’t have a business. It’s as simple as that. And because a lot of retail customers get their Superdry products online, we need to have an eCommerce team ready to own the customer journey on any online touchpoint. It’s all about improving online shopping experiences however we can.

And we have a lot of touchpoints. From our 21 owned websites to third-party customer websites such as Zalando, Next and eBay, you’ll find our products featured online for our customers’ convenience. So, we make sure there’s a smooth customer journey, driving revenue and showcasing the brand along the way.

We’re a few powerhouse teams: Trading deal with the day-to-day running, looking at the site's trading trends. Content load product images and write descriptions for each item, and Online Visual Merchandising make sure the site is aesthetically pleasing, with everything in the right place. They analyse sales data, too. But the analytics don’t stop there. Data take care of our Google Analytics, so we know what is happening, where it’s happening and where to focus. The Digital Design team create all the digital assets you see across the sites, from banners and tiles on landing pages to email marketing.

What do all the teams have in common? Passion and the desire to make a difference. We’re commercial thinkers who amplify each other’s voices and encourage everyone to bring ideas to the table. If it’s not fast-paced, we’re not interested. And things can change very quickly around here, so a positive and can-do attitude is essential. Put the work in, and your career will go in whatever direction you want it to.