Working in Customer Service

When customers talk, we listen. When they need support we jump into action. When they have a problem, we fix it. Representing the brand at its best, we’re here for customers when they need us, and we talk to them in the way that they want to talk to us - social, live chat, email and the phone.

While we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we take what we do very seriously. We’re problem solvers with personality. When customer service doesn’t live up to expectation (and our own high standards), we work our Superdry socks off to turn a negative experience into a glowingly positive one. We’ll move mountains for a customer. We’ll do everything in our power to leave them with a great impression of the brand. Because brilliant service is the reason customers come back.

But it’s not just about responding to a request or reacting to a problem. We have an important part to play in feeding information and insight back into the business. What we’ve learned, how we can do things better. That’s how important Customer Service is to the entire business. It helps us to be better every day. 

Show us how much you care about customers and you’ll go far. Joining us in Customer Service is a brilliant way to join our business and start your Superdry career - from the inside out and from a customer’s perspective. And that customer-first approach is what we’re built on. Everything we do is about our style-obsessed consumers. So the better you understand them, the more doors
open to you.