Working in Quality Assurance

We make applications that support the business. Whatever that may be. To make sure they do what they need to, our Test team tackle things from two angles: Automation and Manual.

In Automation, we’re looking to make sure the testing process is as seamless as possible and create more applications if needed. When it comes to Manual, we’re validating user requirements and expectations. It’s all about making sure the business gets what it needs at the absolute highest quality. We won’t settle for less.

That’s not all. We run a 24/7 support rota so we can deal with any problems quickly. We’re reactive and proactive when teams need us. We champion our work because it makes a difference. We don’t hesitate to get the word out about new features and functionality we create – we tell everyone how it will benefit what they do.  

As you’d expect, we work with IT and our Customer Service Departments, on quite a few projects. The part we play is to redefine some of the strategies and processes from a support point of view. We make a massive impact.

We’re proactive, engaging and able to communicate with all different levels of the business. We don’t give these skills a second thought; the brand’s success relies on us, and it’s who we are. But what about you? Whatever stage you’re at in your career, you’ll make things happen. And not by chance – we want to give you opportunities to develop and work with state-of-the-art tech. You’ll be on board with sharing new ways of working. Is this department challenging? Yes. Fast-paced? Sure. But most of all, it’s rewarding.