Working in Programme Management

The voice of our customer. The glue between stakeholders and within the digital tech team. That’s what we are. As Product Owners, we do a lot, including pulling everything together to define what is going to built. 

As the leaders of key digital projects, we’re here to improve on what exists or build something new when it comes to product function. It’s all about going beyond our comfort zone and pushing things forward. We make sure that our multi-disciplinary tech teams deliver the work we need when we need it and within budget. Successful project delivery is down to us. We take pride in that. It’s not all about the end product – it’s how we get there, looking after stakeholders and expectations along the way. Key projects currently include our move to Micro Services and also our mobile app. We’re even working with AI machine learning tools. 

There are a few teams within Product Management. First up, UX: everything user-related, like research, experience, design – that’s us. We find pain points and opportunities so we can improve conversion, bounce and drop off rates. Not forgetting order value, too.

Supporting Technical with planning, reporting and successful delivery, that’s our Programme Management and Delivery teams. We keep comms across the wider Digital team going and align the Digital roadmap with the business one.

Because we work hard looking after many different domains, as Product Owners, we interact with lots of business areas. It’s not enough to have a can-do attitude – we have to react quickly to market behaviour changes. Flexibility and adaptability are a must. We ask that you’re ready to keep up with the pace, that you’re commercially and technically minded – how else would you hold clear conversations with the technical teams and senior stakeholders?