Working in Data

Data is useless if you aren’t using it. Cue the Business Intelligence team. The backbone of our Digital Tech department, we transform data into business insights through analysis, providing management information and reporting to stakeholders across the business. Thanks to us, data improves business understanding; insights of today turn into prescriptive analytics for tomorrow. 

Data is constantly changing, but multiple systems in different functions tell us what’s going on and keep us in charge. As long as it’s accurate and insightful, we want to know all about it, so we can make the right business decisions. All our digital products rely on us – everything from our e-commerce websites to the wider business and their systems. Looking at back-end data, understanding our customers from their behaviours and usage to measuring site performance and detecting fraudulent use of the site, we do it all. 

We’re big on collaboration. For other areas of the business, we unlock the data they need for reporting. We’re also big on passion and authenticity, so we need curious, determined and committed people who follow jobs through no matter what (and who won’t shy away from deadlines). If you’re a keen communicator and interpreter – of what stakeholders want and what data can share – we want to hear from you. 

With us, you’ll work on innovative and challenging digital products. If you’re ready to get stuck in then, you’ll see your career grow through on the job experience and our training, whatever you need to succeed.