Working in Design

We’re all about creating amazing fashion for style-obsessed consumers. Taking the analysis from the Brand Collections Strategy team and the blue-sky thinking from Brand, we design collections that lead to incredible, inspirational new fashion.


Centre of Excellence  

We are the open-minded, problem-solving creators who lead Superdry’s innovation strategy. We’re charged with getting ahead of the curve, and opening up new possibilities and opportunities through elevated craftsmanship, bold new ways of making, breakthroughs in sustainability and customisation. 

We’re constantly pushing the envelope and experimenting. Sometimes we fail, but we’re always learning how to enhance product quality and consumer value. 

We run extensive research, design and development product/creative programmes, and our innovation pipeline allows the Design Collections team to phase concepts into their collection strategy prior to seasonal kick-off. For us, impossible is a dare, an opportunity. If you believe that anything is possible, you want to create and innovate, you want to take Superdry to incredible new places, then you’re just who we’re looking for. 

Design Collections 

This is where we concept, execute and deliver our four style choice collections. Inspired and pushed and challenged by the Centre of Excellence team, we design clothes that consumers have to have. And unlike many other brands, we’re involved in development and design from the point of ideation to the point of delivery to market. 

We live and breathe creativity, style and culture. We’re open-minded idea starters, as well as creative strategic thinkers and join-the-dots researchers. We’re fixated on what’s next and why. 

If, like us, you’re flexible and agile, and are excited at the thought of working in a fast-paced environment on multiple seasonal timeframes, quick turnaround projects and ad-hoc requests, then you might be who we’re looking for. If you want your work to be different every day, and your creative skillset to be pushed to its greatest potential, we might be who you’re looking for.