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Grow Future Thinking

Get ready for everything.

Grow Future Thinking.

This is the name for all of our initiatives that drive positive change both inside and outside Superdry.

“Through independent thinking we can drive positive change and unlock the potential of people, communities and responsible sustainable practice in all that we do.” (Phil Dickinson, Creative Director - Superdry, 2020)

Grow Future Thinking

Our Identity

This mark, inspired by a Japanese gift giving knot, is used to identify our Grow Future Thinking (GFT) initiatives. It embodies our ambition to create the potential to do things better, do the right thing and deliver positive change. 
Doing good means delivering meaningful positive change. Simple as that. 

GFT also allows us to do this and a little bit more…

Challenge traditional thinking.

If it isn’t broken, break it.  If we never get lost we never find a new way. 

Nourish our culture and values.

Our founder believes in independent creative thinking combined with passion and a spirit of adventure, so we can dream big and scale our ability to build positive change.

Engage in meaningful action.

Don’t just do something, stand by it. Sometimes we need to show our support for existing momentum rather than creating our own, as it may distract from already great initiatives. Sometimes we need to create the momentum ourselves, but we should never become stuck in a routine. 

Sign up, join in and be accountable.

Create clarity of purpose so people can easily sign up, join in and be accountable for their efforts. 


There are 5 Pillars of GFT at Superdry.

  • People and Culture

    It starts at home. How we behave and how we interact with each other and the outside world matters. Never before has there been a bigger opportunity to engage in new standards of excellence through openness.

    Together we inspire positive change in our team through a spirit of adventure

    • We’ll break the mould to hire diverse talent. 

    • We actively listen to our colleagues to help challenge our thinking through pulse surveys and our colleague voice groups.

    • Our talent framework prioritises and celebrates diversity and inclusion.

  • Sustainability and Environment

    It is in our DNA to do the right thing and act responsibly.

    As a brand with purpose, we are reducing our social and environmental footprint while investing the in the future of sustainable fashion. We want to share what we are doing and collaborate so we can scale this impact through the industry.

    Everything we do in this area should be celebrated and captured in one big idea: To be a globally recognized sustainable brand.

    • All 100% cotton garments moving to Organic or Organic in Transition by 2025, all cotton will be Organic by 2030.

    • We will invest in what we plan to use, building a sustainable organic sector by helping 20,000 cotton farmers to transition to organic farming practices. 

  • Creative Talent

    We have an overwhelming opportunity to engage and amplify doing the right thing creatively. We are pushing at an open door.

    Be famous as an open-source hotbed of ideas and potential.

    • Engage with influential talent and ambassadors in creative, commercial, fashion, sport, art & music sectors.

    • Sponsor and nurture talent, providing opportunity.

    • Engagement with customers in communities we want to reach to identify & provide support.

    • Open-up our creative projects to emerging talent.

    • Authentically partner with industry leaders on various initiatives across the creative fields, not just in front of the camera.

  • Supply Chain Responsibility

    Do the right thing, transparently and with integrity. Challenge convention and think differently about our partners. If it’s wrong fix it and create equality and opportunity.

    Transparency, Respect and Dignity.

    • All people making Superdry product are treated with respect and dignity whilst being paid fairly.

    • Capacity building resources to enable Superdry and our suppliers to do the right thing.

    • Ensuring equal opportunity, no excuses. 

    • All factories meet our safety, automation and sustainability criteria.

    • Supply chains traceable to source, and direct to farmer organic cotton with fair premium guaranteed.

  • Community Entrepreneurship

    Don’t wait to be asked, make the effort. Engaging our global talent to support our local communities wherever they are. We can all donate and contribute but let’s multiply our impact with smart thinking.

    Join in. Make the effort glow.

    • Utilise our wealth of knowledge and passion to create good.

    • Do what we can do (best) to deliver results and positive change.

    • Make an impact on things that matter to our people and communities.

    • Permission granted to do the right thing.

    • Build teams and community.

    • Inspire entrepreneurship.

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