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Diversity & Inclusion

Get ready for everything.

Unique Perspectives

Diversity runs in our blood. Our definition of diversity is ‘unique perspectives’. Because we know the more perspectives, the broader and more diverse our skills, experiences, talents and abilities, the better the decisions. The better the decisions, the better the experience for our consumers and the bigger our brand will become.

As a global business, we’re committed to attracting, including, empowering and developing colleagues no matter their culture, beliefs and backgrounds. We’re not a traditional business. We don’t limit the definition of differences to race, ethnicity, gender, religion, disabilities, age or sexual orientation. Our definition is wider and more encompassing as we think it’s more relevant in today’s society. 

Inclusion allows diversity to stick. Our inclusive culture embraces our colleagues ‘unique perspectives’ creating a genuine sense of belonging and giving everyone an equal voice and equal opportunities. Our approach, expectations and commitment to Diversity, Inclusion and Equality are clearly set out below. 

  • Our approach

    Superdry is clear on the Diversity, Inclusion and Equality practices it embodies and the type of environment it seeks to build. We take a zero tolerance approach to discrimination or less favourable treatment of our colleagues, contractors, job applicants, third party suppliers or any other person in any way linked to us. 

    Whether directly or indirectly, on the grounds of colour, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, sexual orientation, gender, gender reassignment, marital, or family status, disability, trade union membership / activity, or age. Zero tolerance also applies to bullying, harassment, victimisation or intimidation and racism. And zero means zero.

  • Our expectation

    Our expectation is for every single one of us to role model our Superdry Core Values and Behaviors which help encourage ‘unique perspectives’ and build an inclusive culture. This expectation is non-negotiable.

  • Our ambition

    Everyone here pledges to work together to ensure that they actively promote an inclusive, diverse and equal environment. Every single leader is accountable for ensuring equal opportunities and resources for every single colleague while upholding the behaviours, values and practices expected within Superdry.

    We aim for 100% of our colleagues, partners or anyone else who works for us to strongly believe that Superdry is a diverse, inclusive and equal environment, where people are encouraged to be themselves and treated with respect.

Future Thinks

Growing Futures Programme

The Growing Futures Programme provides support for candidates from ethnic minority backgrounds who are offered a job at our Cheltenham Head Office, if there are financial obstacles that would deter them from taking up a role.

  • How does the Programme work?

    Eligible candidates can submit an application during the interview stage. We expect you to research and identify the financial implications of joining the Superdry team in Cheltenham and provide these details in your application. HR will then evaluate your Programme application and will notify you of the outcome. You'll need to have a signed contract of employment with Superdry in order for funding to be provided.

    We have an application booklet that gives more details, so if you're interested in applying for funding during the interview stage, please let the hiring manager know or contact

    At Superdry, we look to hire the very best people for our roles. This support will only be available if you are successful in gaining a role with Superdry.

  • What kind of support can I get?

    The support available is provided on a case-by-case basis, specific to the needs of the individual. For example, it is beneficial for all colleagues working in our Cheltenham office that team members live nearby, and so if you need to relocate and could use some financial support to allow you to do this, this is the sort of help the Programme could provide. [You tell us what you need to set you up for success and we'll look to support you.]

  • How do I apply?

    You can apply during the interview process. If you're interested in applying for funding, please email to get further information.

  • Why is Superdry doing this?

    Diversity and Inclusion is a fundamental pillar for Superdry. It's not something we just say off the cuff - we underline it with action and commitment. We want to attract the best people, and we don’t want financial obstacles to be a barrier to embarking on a career with us.

    Not everything can be fixed with financial support, but the Growing Futures Programme is one out of many D&I initiatives that we are engaged in at Superdry, and we believe this is a significant step to enable us to draw from the widest pool of talent for the roles we are looking to fill.

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